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Pool Tile Ideas in Florida

Carved Art Glass

Gallery of Ideas for Pools

Shown below are some examples of pool tile ideas in Florida swimming pools. Here you can view swimming pool mosaic tile designs in ceramic, porcelain and carved art glass tiles that are affordable and easy to install. Here are great ideas for remodeling or building new pools. If there is a tile mosaic you are considering, see how it really looks in these photos. If you have a special tile design project you have done, please send us a picture. We will be happy to add it to our site. Let your mind go with the possibilities of mosaics in your next tile project.

Turtle Mosaic Tiles Florida

Combine several mosaics together to create your own tropical scene. Consider adding depth to your mosaic project by using shadowed versions of our dolphins, turtles, rays, or other creatures. Mosaics can be applied on the pool bottom, the sides, on steps or tanning shelves. Other applications might include on the deck or a retaining wall.

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